Lean Gold Practitioner

Lean Gold Practitioner Course Description

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A systematic, continuous improvement approach which drives value to the customer through flow improvement and by eliminated unnecessary or “non-value added” processes.

This 3-day Course Covers:

  • Introduction to VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
  • 5S
  • Kaizen
  • 3P (Production Preparation Process)
  • Cell Manufacturing
  • Jidoka
  • Manufacturing
  • Pull Manufacturing
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Quick Changeover TOC (Theory of Constraints)

While originally developed for manufacturing, we have successfully applied the concepts in services and transactional environments with great success. Visit our consulting page for more information on our consulting services.

LEAN Manufacturing and production

  • Focuses on eliminating waste in processes (i.e. the waste of work in progress and finished goods inventories)
  • Is not about eliminating people
  • Is about expanding capacity by reducing costs and shortening cycle times between order and ship date
  • Is about understanding what is important to the customer

BPG’s training and certification courses focus on process improvement and elimination of waste as the key attributes in streamlining operations and improving cash flow.


This training and certification will help your organization increase profits, reduce cycle time, increase capacity, and increase productivity and job satisfaction while improving overall quality. This course will allow individuals to understand and assist management with value-based change, reducing waste and improving the overall bottom line.

Watch the Value Steam Mapping Process:

Our Six Sigma Training includes many of these principles. If you are interested in both process improvement systems, our Six Sigma course may provide a more comprehensive training for you and/or your organization.

If there are no Lean courses listed, complete the contact form or Contact Paul Gormas or Tasos Georgopoulos, with any questions about booking a class at your organization or to register for an upcoming class. Paul: 513.543.0816 or paul.gormas@bp-grp.com; Tasos: 513.335.9864 or tasos.g@bp-grp.com