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We hope you will keep in touch and tell us about how you put your training to work. Here are some ways you can begin using your new designation.

  • Add your certification to your Signature: Your Name, CSSBB (Black Belt) (CSSGB (Green Belt), CSSYB (Yellow Belt), LGP (Lean Gold Practitioner) and the PMP (once you complete the exam).
  • Add Your certification to your Linkedin Profile: If you already have certifications on your profile just go to the certifications section and add the appropriate designation. (If you do not have other certifications on your profile go to the right margin and select “Add New Section,” then select accomplishments and certifications.) For the “Authority, ” start typing Breakthrough Performance Group. Linkedin will find the company page and attach it to your certification. You can add for the website. Add the date you completed the course. This certification does not expire so check the “does not expire” box. Then save your certification.
  • Follow the Breakthrough Performance Group Linkedin Page to learn about training opportunities as well as job openings and company updates. Connect with Paul Gormas, Tasos Georgopoulos, Daryl Gunnarson and Teresa Nichols.
  • Follow the BPG Lean Six Sigma User Group to start or join discussions.
  • You can also follow us on Twitter. Use #livesixsigma when you tweet anything related to your new certification!