Lean Six Sigma White Belt

White Belt Course Description

Receive Your White Belt Certification and Learn How Lean Six Sigma Can Help You Move Forward! Individuals will learn what Lean Six Sigma is, how it was developed, and the tools it uses to streamline and improve both manufacturing and service industries.

The skills learned will enable students to understand how Lean Six Sigma can improve quality and reduce cost while improving customer satisfaction.

Organizations will learn how Lean Six Sigma fits into their quality programs, how customers are retained, and how costs are driven down using Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

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Lean Six Sigma White Belt Attendees will learn:

  • Introduction to Quality and Quality Management
  • Overview of Quality History
  • Introduction to Quality Initiatives
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Introduction to Lean
  • The What and How of Lean
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • The What and How of Six Sigma
  • Overview of DMAIC & DFSS
  • The Lean Six Sigma Organization
  • Introduction to the Six Sigma Project Team Structure
  • Overview of Positions, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Overview of the Key Elements to Implementing Lean Six Sigma within an Organization
  • Overview of Opportunity Identification

If there are no public Lean Six Sigma White Belt courses scheduled, complete the contact form or Contact Paul Gormas or Tasos Georgopoulos with any questions about booking a class at your organization or to register for an upcoming class. Paul: 513.543.0816 or paul.gormas@bp-grp.comTasos: 513.335.9864 or tasos.g@bp-grp.com.