Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two very widely used process improvement systems that have so many similar philosophies that they are now being taught as one course.

The combination of the two allows for a comprehensive strategy that includes statistical methodology as well as systems for process improvement and employee involvement.

Lean principles include:

  • A Focus on eliminating waste in processes (i.e. the waste of work in progress and finished goods inventories)
  • A Determination to avoid eliminating people
  • Reduction of costs and shortening cycle times between order and ship dates
  • Working toward understanding what is important to the customer

Six Sigma principles include: 

  • The role of each "Belt" level, including project leader
  • Working within an organizational structure to help guide Six Sigma Champions in improvement opportunity identification and project selection
  • The DMAIC methodology, tools, and concepts
  • Planning and leading a Six Sigma pilot implementation and
  • How to sustain the improvements over time
  • Team dynamics and situational leadership
  • Advanced Return on Investment analysis methods
  • Statistical Analysis Tools

Upcoming Courses:

If there are no courses listed, complete the contact form or Contact Paul Gormas or Tasos Georgopoulos, with any questions about booking a class at your organization or to register for an upcoming class. Paul: 513.543.0816 or paul.gormas@bp-grp.com; Tasos: 513.335.9864 or tasos.g@bp-grp.com

Our Lean Six Sigma trainers are experienced with Lean and Six Sigma. We also lead a separate Lean workshop. We hold classes at our facilities in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and Pittsburgh, or we can come to your location to train your team.

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