How to Use a Modified Five Whys Method in Your Job Search

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How to Use a Modified Five Whys Method in Your Job Search

So many people have lost their jobs and careers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The job market is tight, recovery is slow, and in some industries, jobs are still vanishing.  As a result, many professionals are reconsidering their careers and lifestyles.

If you are taking this time to reimagine your career, consider using a modified Five Whys method.  Instead of discovering the root of a problem by asking the question of why over and over again, ask the question of why or why not to discover the possibilities in a new direction. For example, in using the Five Whys method, you identify the problem and then you keep asking yourself why to drill down until the root cause is identified.

This time, however, use the 5 Whys method to rediscover an old passion or interest that can jumpstart a new career.  By doing so, you open yourself up to discovering all of your skills and deep-seated passions, which, you never know, could start you on a new career path and lifestyle.

Define Your New Direction

To find focus, first, daydream a little and envision your new job, career path, and lifestyle, or tap into your hobbies and interests.  Create a vision board that will help you become clear as to what you want.

Ask Your First Why

Ask yourself why you want a new direction.  Is it something you ALWAYS wanted to do? Why not do it?  Is it because you never had the chance to do because of no time, no money, or whatever reason? Why didn’t you have the time or money to do it?   Because it wasn’t a priority? Why not make it a priority? Just be honest with yourself and see what you come up with.

Keep Asking Why or Why Not

This is where the modification comes in to play. Because you are looking for possibilities, ask yourself why or why not.  Why not start that new blog on miniature dollhouse furniture? Why not take online certifications in Lean Six Sigma? Why not become a consultant in your area of expertise? You get the idea.

Plan out the Path

Now that you have identified several possibilities for yourself, create your plan of engagement. Set up your miniature dollhouse blog, register for online certification classes in Lean Six Sigma, or set up your consultancy.  Why not?