Use Your BPG Lean Six Sigma Certification to Land a Job

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Use Your BPG Lean Six Sigma Certification to Land a Job

Congratulations, you have earned your BPG Lean Six Sigma certification (Yellow, Green, or Black Belt). Now,  how can you use your training to your advantage when looking for a new job?

Learn Who Wants Your Skills

Add Lean Six Sigma to your job search criteria and check out the results.  Even if the jobs presented are not right for you, the results give you valuable information on companies and industries that are actively soliciting Lean Six Sigma-trained people. Consider adding the companies to your target employer list or finding other employers in that industry.

Next, analyze each job description.  What areas are interested in Lean Six Sigma? What work is being done?  What other soft skills are mentioned? You’ll often see terms like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and team player.  We’ve also seen business analytics, workflow planning, and process development.  Your BPG training has you covered there.  Excel, SQL, Slack, Google Docs, Skype, SPC software and ZOOM experience are all in demand.   If you don’t have frequently mentioned skills, consider online training.

Leverage Your Training

  • During Information Interviews When you meet with someone from a company you are interested in working with, ask about the company’s processes and how they are developed and maintained. Ask about the challenges they face.  Think about what you learn from a DMAIC perspective. What might you recommend if you were a consultant for that company?
  • During Job Interviews When you are interviewing for a job, come prepared to talk about how your training can be valuable to the organization.
    • If the organization is not familiar with Lean Six Sigma, focus on the problem solving, analysis, and critical thinking skills you have sharpened.
    • If the organization is familiar with Lean Six Sigma, show how you used Lean Six Sigma concepts in your previous assignments, if applicable. If not, be prepared to talk about how your training has impacted the way you handle projects. Have a few “before and after” examples showing what you would do differently post-training.

Know the Value of Your LSS Certification

HR executive, and BPG alumnus Jenna McHugh told us that LSS Certifications suggest to her that the job candidate is likely to:

  • Be ambitious and confident.
  • Be dedicated to self-improvement.
  • Have a learning/growth mindset.
  • Be a hard a worker who drives for results.

Reflect those qualities in your letters, resume, and interviews and you’ll likely find opportunities.  To read more about Jenna’s perspective, click here